Traveling and fueling your body

The pandemic is continuing into 2021 (cue the sad music) but travel restrictions have lightened up and my family just got back from visiting our loved ones in California last week.

My girls have flown on planes all over the US are accustomed to the preparation work that goes into traveling for our family. At first glance this may seem like an inconvenience, but I promise, you will thank me, and your body will too when you choose to do the prep work on the front end of any type of travel. Plus, who wants to risk the availability of food plus the stress that goes into deciphering what in the heck is in that turkey sandwich? No thanks. This takes minimal effort to put together, and then I can cruise through our travel day without much thought afterwards.

We live by a couple simple goals when traveling in the air, car or away from home in any capacity. Making nourishing food choices is a priority for our family. But I am human, so I do find it good to remember the WHY during all of the preparation. If I choose not to make the time to plan, I will fall into temptation when the Betty White kicks in and I will grab any food (or food-like thing) I can get my hands on. Unfortunately, I will always pay the price.

Here is our goal: Take TIME to fuel your body so, it will SEE you through the day.

Simple, right? It really is and I want to spell out what a REAL travel day looks like for us. Below is what we really took for a family of 4 on 5-hour plane ride.

Proteins and/or the bulk of our easy meals:

-Chomps Beef sticks, we love these and the limited ingredients. You can find them most anywhere, but I stock up on them at our local Trader Joes for flying, hiking and a quick snack for the kids before soccer practices.

-Hard Boiled eggs, I AM THAT PERSON. Wait a second, before you judge, I want you to know I do not wait to get on the plane to eat my stinky eggs. On early flights like this one, I typically will not eat until we are through security waiting at our gate. I do not like to be rushed when eating and I have decided that hard boiled eggs and a latte pair okay together. Not great-but okay.

-Soaked Crispy nuts, Soaked and roasted almonds are a favorite of ours on the regular and are perfect for keeping little hands busy while listening to their audio book or binging on an in-flight movie.

-Raw Cheese, its cheese, raw and delicious, need I convince you more?

Other snack foods:

-Dried mango, yummy. This is a personal favorite and I like that I can buy it affordably at Trader Joes with no added sugars or ingredients.

-Crackers, Mary's Gone crackers to be exact. These are so tasty, gluten free and tons of flavor, especially in the super seed everything flavor.

-Carrots, Celery and Bell Peppers, cut, washed and easy to munch on for all 4 of us.

-Individual Guacamole, For dipping. Because everything is better with avocado. I actually had the best conversation with a stranger because of these little guacamole cups. I mean, can avocados be the answer to all of our problems?

All of this gets packed into our FAVORITE Stasher reusable silicone bags, dropped into our small travel cooler bag, then smooshed between two slender ice packs. We also bring along our reusable bamboo spoons, my traveling Celtic sea salt, and wipes that the handsome husband carries for me. Sounds like a lot but we have found a groove that saves us time and saves our bodies when trying to hit all of those connections.

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