Master Classes

Master verb

Mastered ; Mastering ; ˈma-​st(ə-​)riŋ

  • to become skilled or proficient in the use of a skill 

  • to gain a thorough understanding of

Supporting your body is not as hard as the industry would want you to believe.


However, when we are learning a

new skill sometimes having a teacher is

the best bet for success. That is why I have designed my Master Classes to

cover the topics that confuse us the most

about wellness.

I run these classes quarterly or upon request.

If you are interested the best thing to do is contact me to get a revised schedule,

pricing and location list.

Examples of classes in rotation:

  • Weston A. Price and the modern Foodie

  • The Paleo Way

  • Bio-hacking your health

  • Nature isn't a monoculture, The Microbiome

  • Blood and Sugars

  • Toxic Home

  • Cooking with Ferments*

  • Cooking like our Ancestors*

  • Bone broth, How and Why?

*These classes are available only in person.