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My health journey is not unlike most people and that truly is unfortunate. It is unfortunate because I did all of the “right things” by the typical standard and still struggled. Wasn’t that supposed to be the key?

Do the things = be well. Right?

Sometimes it takes a wakeup call and we certainly got one. It came in the form of a bad reaction to an antibiotic and deep down we knew we would need to do more. At the time, I ate a paleo-based diet, worked out 4-5 times a week and on the outside looked healthy. However, internally I was struggling with intense digestive discomfort, migraines that would lay me out for days at a time, brain fog that did not line up with the expected new mom haze I had heard about and hormonal imbalances that were causing me a lot of distress. I knew if I could not get down to the root, these symptoms would only continue to build.

Then I met with a functional nutritionist. She challenged us and then directly changed the trajectory of my family’s life in the most positive way. I could say the rest is history but that would be a lie. True healing can sometimes be a roller coaster, its progressive and constant with unexpected setbacks. However, the deeper I dig in the better I feel, and I can say I have taken my health back into my own hands. Is that what you are here for? I feel incredibly blessed you have taken the time to consider working together.

I believe in a few important things in this work of supporting the body:

-Healing is possible

-Every bite matters

-Correct tools will change the outcome

-You deserve to feel good!

I LOVE this work, I even come to build a deep relationship with each of my clients, who most of the time I make my lifelong friends. In the pursuit of wellness, we often need to find those support systems we align with and because I feel so strongly about trusting each other I figured you should know a little more about me outside of my work.

I am a wife and a mama first in my life.

I also have the absolute pleasure of homeschooling our girls. We live on the line of country meets city in Central Arkansas and there is a reason they call it The Natural State. If you have not floated the Buffalo River, what are you waiting for? We have just enough land to keep my hands deep in my beloved vegetable garden, and enough feathered dinosaurs (chickens) to keep my compost full and bug count down. For most of my life I have been a real food junkie and ever since teachers stopped telling me what to read, I have been an avid book consumer. Most days you will find my girls and I hiking, cooking, reading, or pouring into relationships within our local community. 


Some other things you could have lived without knowing and are not at all helpful to your health journey.


1. I have been married twice to the same man!

Settle down folks, it's not as interesting as it sounds.

We had a courthouse wedding in MT and then a beautiful garden wedding with all of our family in CA.


2. I have never traveled outside of the U.S.

Sad, I know but it just has not been in the cards.


3. Starting in 2017, our little family moved 5 times in 18 months within 3 different states.

No, we are not a military family, but I would like to believe it was providence.


4. I am an extrovert that needs serious chunks of quiet to recharge.

This never happens though=Mom Life


5. For the better part of my life I have wanted to live off grid on a completely sustainable family farm.

I guess you could say I would vote bovine over humans most days.


​6. My favorite childhood memories revolve around music.

All the windows open, lots of dancing, singing (off tune for sure) and the most random selections. Thanks mom.

​7. My husband and I are terrible at making time for date nights.

So, instead we have very early morning coffee

everyday together.

​8. Cats over dogs, always. We have a one-eyed cat named Rooster Cogburn.

If you know this reference, let’s be friends.